So Your Misses Got Hyperemesis (Gravidarum)

Chapter 4: Eating With Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Part 6: The Tracking Spreadsheet

If you remember, in the definitions chapter, this is how I define success in hyperemesis pregnancy:

“As a family, your goal is to manage hyperemesis, to control the condition, to provide the woman with the best possible treatment to maintain her health and the health of the fetus. Aim to minimize the difficulty and allow for as normal a life as possible during the period of hyperemesis.”

I believe that in life, you can achieve success by identifying benefitial habits and repeating them. That’s why I created a tracking spreadsheet where I consistently recorded all the things my wife consumed on a particular day (food, drinks, medications) and the results in terms of the number of vomits, overall feeling, and how successful the day was.

We filled out the spreadsheet regularly for several weeks. It helped us understand which foods and habits yielded the best results, thus managing as comfortable a routine as possible for my wife.

We’d be happy to give you a free copy of the spreadsheet we created, where you can manage your tracking. To receive it, sign up for our mailing list, and a copy will be sent to your email.

If you keep up with filling out the spreadsheet for several weeks or even days, you can reach important conclusions that will help you find the foods and habits that significantly ease a pregnancy with hyperemesis gravidarum.

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